25 years and thousands of kilometres gave birth to a vision — that of sharing some of our memories and learning experiences with our fellow hikers and wildflower and fungi enthusiasts. Our hope is that the more people understand the significance of the roles many of the wildflowers play in early cultures, the greater the value will be given to them.

Welcome to Where Wild Things Grow. Our goal is to connect with other wildflower enthusiasts who share the same passions and appreciation of wildflowers. We hope to create a community where we can share our experiences and enlighten each other.

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  • Take Your Best Shot

    Don't let your special images remain captive in your computer. Send them to us and we will input them into our 18 oz tumbler for you to enjoy year after year as your favorite water bottle.

  • Hidden Gems

    Been to a special area lately loaded with spectacular wildflowers you would like to share. Perhaps we can convince some knowledgable folk to come share with us. Whatever it is that pertains to these wonders of nature, our hope is to bring some of those hidden gems to this forum.